IP & New Technologies

The firm has developed strong expertise working with media companies, including publishers, TV and radio broadcasters, advising across various aspects of their businesses including :

    • Brand management
    • Intellectual property and data management
    • Research and development
    • Traditional and digital publishing
    • Commercial and corporate issues
    • Competition and distribution laws


Data & New technologies

Fast moving technology, e-commerce and digital media impacts the way our clients do business. Taking this technical advances into account we advise companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporate entities across:

    • Data protection and privacy issues
    • Software development
    • Advertising
    • Corporate and contractual issues
    • Robotics law and AI


With first-hand experience in data protection, the firm carries out cross-border data privacy surveys for clients, not only to review their existing processes and procedures but also to assess their compliance to national, European and international standards.
Topics covered include :

    • Internet and email use
    • Customer data
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Cross-border data transfers
    • Data protection consents
    • Advertising and marketing issues
    • Access rights for data subjects